Brachn of the ltd Forma 2in Georgia

Address: 4 St. Sanapiro, Building 2, Floor 8 Tbilisi, 0105 Georgia
Telephone: (+995) 599 68 57 75                           

Key Contacts

Irakli Chanturia, Manager & Director
(+995) 591 41 42 04

Quick Facts: Professional experts with full measurement equipment - Con SUP, HVES, EL, GEOL, SUR, LAB TESTS

Company Overview

FORMA 2 Branch in Georgia, the consultant with knowledge to providing technical assistance in the implementation of the Project, including all aspects of procurement and disbursement under the Project. Our team is proud to have an experience working for the Bank in the region, bringing the combination of international knowledge and technical and financial expertise with deep local knowledge in the following tasks:

-             deliver an engineering supervision, tendering support, and ensure high quality construction to international standards in compliance with the national requirements;
-             provide recommendations and reports in relation to contract administration and supervision of works, and, where requested, provide relevant data and information;
-             perform the role of the engineer as defined in the FIDIC contract conditions or equivalent and manage larger contracts envisaged to be based on FIDIC contract conditions.

Key practice areas and sectors

Building Construction, Energy Projects,  Water Supply, Waste Management, Irrigation Systems, Road Construction.

Key professional activity

Project Management, Time Program (Construction Schedule) monitoring, Communication & Correspondence; Control of the Contractor’s Invoices and Budget Control; Site Supervision; Construction Quality Control.