Georgian Association of Consulting Engineers - ACEG was established in March 2017 as a non-profit (non-commercial) entity. The primary purpose of ACEG is to unite all local and international consulting engineering companies and individuals operating on Georgian market and be a member of the global consulting engineering society. ACEG is open for companies and individuals working in the consulting engineering industry. ACEG also invites companies and individuals who are interested in the activities and in supporting the purposes of ACEG.

ACEG has been admitted as a FIDIC Member Association during the FIDIC General Assembly Meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 3 October, 2017.

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ACEG Vision

A strong, advanced, and trusted consulting engineering sector for delivery of a better quality of life.

ACEG Mission

To promote best consulting engineering standards in the country, to provide professionals with the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience, to provide opportunities for advancement of knowledge, to promote and develop the industry based on internationally recognised principles, to engage with stakeholders and raise the profile of consulting engineering sector among clients, government authorities and other industry participants.