hydrodiagnostics LLC

Address: 21 I. Gagarin Str., Tbilisi, 0160 Georgia
Telephone: (+995) 032 2 36 34 02                            

Key Contacts

Irakli Gagua, Director

Number of employees: 10

Company Overview

HydroDiagnostics has been founded and is operating on the base of Georgian Scientific-Research Institute of Power Engineering and Power Structures since 2006. Our theoretical and practical experience gained for 50 years provides key solutions for engineering demands. HydroDiagnostics provides consultancy and solutions in the fields of civil and environmental engineering in association with local and international partners.

Key practice areas and sectors

  • Engineering & Environmental safety and monitoring
  • Hydro-technical & hydro-power engineering
  • Civil & Environmental engineering 

Key professional activity

  • Geophysical, geotechnical and structural health investigation & monitoring
  • Hydrology and hydro-meteorological networks
  • Civil and environmental engineering & consulting