Institut igh

Website: www.igh.hr

Address: 33E I. Chavchavadze Ave., Tbilisi, 0179, Georgia
Telephone: (+995 322) 14 73 62



Key Contacts

Robert Petrosyan, Branch Director 

Number of employees: 85

Company Overview

INSTITUT IGH was founded in Croatia in 1949.  “Institute IGH”, besides Georgia, has branches in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Albania. Also operates in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. 

In Georgia company has started its activities at the end of 2016 when it signed a contract with the Roads Department of Georgian for the provision of supervision services Also, the “Institute IGH” Georgian Branch is occupied with the design of international and secondary significance road construction-reconstruction projects.

Key practice areas and sectors

IGH is the leading design, consulting and research company in civil engineering.

Key professional activity

Engineering, project management, planning, design, consulting.